Schools Connect - Monthly Membership

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With Dendrite Schools Connect you can connect your business with schools to promote your company’s latest innovation, directly offer work experience placements, careers advice, sponsor schools into Dendrite STEAM Learning Challenges, outreach volunteers, industry specific resources and much more.

 CORE membership (included in all memberships):

  • Link your Company with up to 10 Dendrite Secondary Schools.
  • Creation of your company branded Community on Dendrite.
  • Access to the integrated Eventbrite Booking Tool.
  • Publicise work placements and careers evenings support to your linked schools.
  • Offer any other relevant physical or human resources to your linked schools.

BRONZE membership:

SILVER membership includes: 

  • All of the CORE benefits, plus…
  • Also publicise work placements and careers support to your connected schools.
  • Sponsor 1 Secondary School into Race To The Line, Dendrite STEAM Learning Challenge.
  • Direct connection and engagement with your sponsored school.
  • Invites to the In-School Raceday and the Regional Finals STEAM Village.
  • Your company community content is made visible and shared with all of your linked schools.

GOLD membership includes:

  • All of the CORE and SILVER benefits, plus…
  • Your company branded Community gets upgraded to a Regional Channel on Dendrite.
  • Invite to the National Finals STEAM Village.