Race To The Line - Season 5 Entry Fee

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In order to make the growth of Race for the Line sustainable, school are being accredited to run the competition qualifying stage themselves.


This package includes


1 Day accreditation training


  • Overview of the competition
  • Set up of a race event
  • health and safety compliant race programme
  • using the race management kit
  • Introduction to Dendrite App
  • Engaging the Science, Maths and D&T departments in the programme
  • Leveraging the curriculum
  • Linking to STEM careers and courses post school



School Competition Resource Pack supplied to each registered school

  • 1 x rocket car kit per 4 students in year 7 (note if more kits are required these can be purchased from the shop)
  • 1 x rocket motor per team in year 7 (note if more motors are required these can be purchased from the shop)
  • 1 x rocket motor launcher
  • 1 x tether line
  • 3 x micro:bit accelerometer timing systems
  • 1 x Ammo box
  • Dendrite Data management App. (this allows all race data to be gathered automatically and loaded to the school race leader-board - no more manual data uploads!)

Schools can be invoiced or pay by credit card.