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Dendrite Schools Connect

Dendrite Schools Connect

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Welcome to Dendrite Schools Connect, where you will be linked to a maximum of 10 secondary schools in your area.


For your £149 annual membership fee:

  • We will create you a company community on our social learning platform,, linked to a maximum of 10 secondary schools in your area.
  • Connect you with every Career Advisor in your school network.
  • You will be able to promote your company's latest innovation to your school's audience.
  • Promote your company’s career pathways and work experience placements directly to your school's network.
  • You will be able to publicise your company events like on-site visits for students, outreach programmes, career evening support, volunteer days etc. directly to schools through the event booking system.

Through Schools Connect we are connecting businesses with schools to enable them to promote your company’s latest innovation, directly offer work experience placements, careers advice, outreach volunteers, industry specific resources and much more. Wouldn’t it be great if you had already got to know your future talent base, before they apply to join you?

As you may already know, work experience placements are a great way of introducing young students to the world of work and helping them explore different career options. Finding and arranging high quality placements for both student and business, however, can be a time-consuming process. The challenge for schools is to efficiently find out which businesses are happy to offer work experience placements.

Engaging with young people through Dendrite Schools Connect is beneficial for you and your business on so many levels. It enables you to…

  • Make connections with the teachers, parents and young people in your local area
  • Raise your Company profile
  • Give something back to the community
  • Increase your reputation
  • Present yourself as an employer of choice in the community
  • Recruit motivated, high quality future employees
  • Help tackle the UK STEM skills shortage
  • Build a diverse workforce
  • Give your employees new experiences and development opportunities
  • Involve your employees in life changing work
  • Inspire the next generation