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Welcome to the age 8-11 Design and Construction Challenge

About Build To The Line

We live in an engineered world and the challenges and opportunities we will face in the future in areas such as energy, food, transport and housing will require new engineering ideas and solutions.

Science informs us of the need to apply approaches to design and engineering that embody key principles of sustainability and low environmental impact. This will mean future engineers will need to rethink the materials they choose to use and their sources.

Efficiency will also be a key consideration in the design process to ensure that scarce or valuable resources can be maximised. Build To The Line is a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) education programme from the Learning Partnership that aims to engage and educate young people in these new ways of design and engineering thinking.

Beginning with cardboard as material, the Build To The Line programme will offer a wide range of design challenges and virtual competitions for students and classes to engage with.

Team and class organisation

Build To The Line is a team based programme of challenges. Kit for a class can support 5 teams of around 5-6 students in a team. Each team has a limited number of parts they can use for tackling a challenge.

For this entry fee the school will receive:

  • 12 Pozidrive No 2. Stubby Screwdrivers 
  • 240 plugs
  • 120 Screw Eyes
  • Medium Weight Cotton Twine/String
  • Canary Knife and Slice Knife.

The registration fee also covers all teaching materials to support the competition and a school STEM collaboration area on

Once your registration purchase is complete you will be invited to join the competition. Simply follow the instructions to complete your registration.

The Bridge Building Challenge Guide can be found here