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Register for Sponsorship

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This product enables the user and school to register for a STEAM challenge with a view to securing sponsorship for the school to take part.

Our dedicated team will partner with the school to find local employers who will sponsor your school and students to take part in a Dendrite STEAM Learning Challenge.

Dendrite Connect has a mission to help schools around the world access high quality STEAM Learning. A school wishing to use this sponsorship model agrees to a simple partnership with Dendrite Connect. 

  1. The school commits to put their whole year group through the challenge once the sponsorship has been secured.
  2. The school agrees to send a letter to all parents announcing the partnership with Dendrite Connect - this standard letter is supplied to the school.
  3. The school agrees to add to this letter, an attachment for the parents to share with their employer announcing the "Schools Connect" partnership opportunity.
  4. The School is issued with a special school code  and each time it is used by an employer to sign up to the "School Connect" partnership funding goes towards supporting the school and its network through the STEAM challenges.

The registration by the school for this product does not guarantee a successful campaign, however Schools Connect is a growing and popular employer/schools network and Dendrite Connect is confident all schools will secure employer funded access to the challenge when engaging this approach.